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Workshop: Insects for Feed, Food and Other Purposes

Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO) is hosting this open national workshop on insects. The motivation for this interdisciplinary workshop is to initiate networking and future project collaborations between different research departments, universities, and companies within the field of use of insects.

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Torsdag 30. november 2023,  kl. 09:30 - 15:30


Stakladen, Aarhus University, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus


Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO)

The workshop is a collaboration with departments and centres across Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO)Aarhus University - Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ANIVET), Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG)Ecoscience (ECOS), MAPP Centre, Department of Environmental Science (ENVS), Department for Biology, School of Culture and Society (ARTS), and Department of Food Science - and we would like to invite you!

With this interdisciplinary workshop, we want to initiate networking and future project collaborations between different research departments, universities, and private companies within the field of use of insects. 

The programme includes presentations from invited speakers with state-of-the-art results. 

Speakers and participants are offered a booth (a high coffee table and room for a banner), and it will also be possible to bring handouts and materials to show.


09:00 Arrival and coffee

09:30 Welcome and introduction to CBIO and the workshop

09:40 Presentations:

  • An anthropological perspective on insects as food
    by Susanne Højlund Pedersen, AU-ARTS
  • Consumer acceptance of insect food products
    by Pernille Nørgaard Videbæk, AU-MAPP
  • Optimization of insect production - case studies on houseflies and black soldier flies
    by Stine Frey Laursen, AAU
  • Scaling Insect Breeding for Impact: where are we now?
    by Laura Skrubbeltrang Hansen, AU-QGG

10:30 One-Minute-Madness

11:00 Break and networking

11:30 Presentations:

  • Upscaling, challenges and opportunities for black soldier fly-production 
    by Toke Munk Schou, ENORM
  • Mealworm production in Denmark 
    by Dorte Svenstrup, Heimdal Entofarm
  • White worms (Enchytraeus) as healthy and sustainable live feed for aquacultures
    by Stine Slotsbo, AU-ECO
  • Insect for food in developing countries 
    by Nanna Roos, KU
  • Nutritional value of insect protein in a human diet
    by Hanne Christine Bertram, AU-FOOD
  • Adaptive responses of Black Soldier Fly to simple low-quality diets
    by Anton Gligorescu, AU-BIO

12:30 Lunch & networking (There will be exciting dishes with insects on the lunch menu)

13:30 Presentations:

  • FlyCloud, Entofeed
    by Kim Jensen, AU-ANIVET 
  • Microorganisms associated with breeding of insects – implication for production and health of humans and animals
    by Anders Johansen & Niels Bohse, AU-ENVS
  • The Musca domestica holobiont: Investigating the functional properties of a reared insect’s microbiome
    by Asmus Toftkær Muurmann, AAU
  • Insect Doctors: Insect health and diseases
    by Annette Bruun Jensen, KU 

14:10 Break

14:20 Presentations:

  • Efforts on opening up EU feed bans 
    by Lis Kemezys, The Danish Food Agency (Fødevarestyrelsen)
  • Risks of feeding household waste  
    by Heidi Amlund & Annette Nygaard Jensen, DTU FOOD
  • Risks of transfer of livestock diseases  
    by Antoine Lecocq, KU
  • Leveraging AI and deep learning to advance insect research
    by Quentin Claude Mickael Geissmann, AU-QGG

15:00 Final networking and coffee

15:30 Thank you for today!

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