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Photo: Loraine ten Damme

2021.04.13 | Agro

Tyre evolution, traction and repeated wheeling effects on the risk of soil compaction

One of the main threats to the quality of agricultural soil in Europe and elsewhere is soil compaction. During her studies, Loraine ten Damme studied processes of soil compaction, in particular tyre-soil interactions and soil response as affected by tyre evolution, traction and repeated wheeling. Loraine investigated, among others, the effect of…

2021.04.12 | DCA

RUMIGEN – improving breeding of ruminant animals through genomics, epigenomics and ‘rooms of acceptance’

Researchers from Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) participate in a new EU Horizon2020 project – RUMIGEN – which aims at developing more sustainable breeding programs and linked technologies in line with social demand, adding a novel, societal dimension defined as ‘room of acceptance’ to the project goals.

Photo: Lars Kruuse - AU Foto

2021.04.12 | News

Focus on quality and transparency at the first European seminar on science-based policy advice in the field of agriculture and environment

There are major differences in status and organization of science-based policy advice among the European member states. However, the challenges are often the same, and cooperation among providers of science-based policy advice could increase quality. That was one of the take home messages from the first European seminar on science-based policy…


Wed 14 Apr
12:30-16:30 |
Virtual Meeting: Resilient Northern Crops Network (NordCrop)
The network funded by NKJ will investigate how we can exploit new genomic and phenotyping technologies to identify more robust genotypes in key Nordic field crops (wheat, oat, potato and fodder grasses).
Wed 28 Apr
12:00-14:00 |
PhD-defence: Tyre evolution, traction and repeated wheeling effects on the risk of soil compaction
Loraine ten Damme will defend her PhD on Wednesday 28 April 2021
Mon 03 May
10:00-12:00 | Online - zoom
Stakeholder webinar - ERAGAS ERA-Net
In this webinar, researchers from the project will present the results and the relevance of these results will be discussed from the perspective of different types of farming in Europe.
Wed 05 May
14:00-15:00 | Online
CiFOOD webinar: “Keep or throw out” - food waste in households
Want to learn more about consumer behaviour and food waste? Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday webinar to learn more