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Food and agricultural research at Aarhus University is primarily performed by the following departments and centres:

Basic, strategic and application-oriented research within the fields of food and agriculture is performed at Aarhus University; research that is aimed towards the production of food and biologically based non-food products such as e.g. bio energy, furs and fibres.

The research performed should provide a basis for a production that is economically, socially and ethically sustainable. This means that the production must be cost-effective, generally accepted by society and respect ethical principles regarding animal welfare, environment and climate effects.

The research is primarily funded by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, research councils as well as private foundations and companies. This kind of financing ensures a significant relevance and impact in the research performed and contributes to an immediate addressing/identification of new problem areas.

Most research projects are accomplished in close collaboration with organizations, companies, authorities as well as other Danish and international universities.