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Collaboration and financing models

There are many different ways in which your company may establish collaboration relations with our scientists or students. You can read more about the collaboration models below.

Please notice that several models allow you to establish collaboration relations with us; particularly in relation to the industrial PhD programme and various types of collaboration projects in connection with which your company may receive public funding.

Please contact us for further information.

Co-financed collaboration projects

In connection with co-financed collaboration projects all parties contribute resources to the accomplishment of the project. For your company co-financed research may be financially profitable because of our co-financing as well as e.g. public or innovation pool funding.

The parties agree on the project area and the course and process of it. The project should consider the wishes and needs of both parties and – at the same time – meet a series of scientific criteria regarding relevance and quality. Once a verbal agreement has been made, a written collaboration agreement should be prepared according to which conditions in relation to intellectual property rights, publication and confidentiality are established.

Various financing possibilities for such projects are available and it is possible to apply for public funding and support. Our employees are experts within this area and together with you they will find the most appropriate financing for your project.

Please contact us for further information on the possibilities of co-financed collaboration projects.


Commissioned research

In connection with commissioned research your company will buy certain services from the university and these services are fully financed by you. These may include analysis tasks, testing etc. which include a commercial exploitation of scientist competences.

The company will – unless specific conditions are applicable – have the rights to the results achieved, including intellectual property rights.

Please contact us for further information on commissioned research.

Industrial PhD

An industrial PhD study is a 3-year industrially focused PhD project during which the student is employed in your company and at the same time is matriculated at Aarhus University. The employment is partly financed by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

Your company will receive a monthly subsidy for the salary costs and the university will have its expenses for supervision etc. covered. The industrial PhD student is employed full-time in your company on ordinary terms of employment during the 3 years. The salary is agreed between the industrial PhD student and the company, but it must at least correspond to the collectively agreed salary for PhD students.

Read more about Industrial PhDs

Practical placement and student cooperation

Perhaps your company has a specific problem or task that could be solved or carried out by a student with the appropriate scientific expertise. If this is the case, your company can enter into cooperation with our students via a practical placement or project collaboration.

You can contact our students through jobbank.au.dk. This is a website set up by Aarhus University at which students and enterprises can post notices relating to practical placements, study projects and study jobs.

For more information, contact:

ST Administrative Centre - Course and Exam Administration
Rasmus Pedersen
Telephone: +45 8715 1198 
E-mail: Rasmus.Pedersen@au.dk