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Policy Support

Foto: Janne Hansen

Aarhus University is a world leader within the areas of food and agriculture. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark has therefore entered into an agreement with the university on the provision of research-based policy support within these areas.

To ensure cross-disciplinary cooperation between the research environments within food and agriculture, Aarhus University has established DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture. The centre provides the framework for cooperation and it is supported by a central unit that coordinates e.g. policy support. 

Research-based policy support comprises the policy support provide by the researchers in relation to actual commissions from the Ministry as well as the underlying research. In addition, the concept includes a series of tasks and services in relation to surveillance, support etc. 

Policy support must be transparent and, basically, all deliverables may be freely published unless they contain information that is confidential. The framework agreement comprises three performance agreements within the DCA-related effort areas: plant production, livestock production and food quality and consumer behaviour.

The performance agreements constitute the scientific frame of DCA’s research-based policy support and describe the scientific focus areas. For each focus area, the actual tasks and projects agreed for the coming year are described. The framework agreements are adjusted annually, and this means that ongoing tasks and projects are included. In addition, the researchers must solve any urgent tasks or problems that may appear.

The agreements are available in Danish