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Webinar: Methane emissions from manure management – monitoring and mitigation

In this webinar, global experts will present current trends in livestock production and discuss the impact of methane emissions, as well as mitigations opportunities via treatment technologies and better management.

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Livestock production is responsible for 32% of anthropogenic emissions. Among anthropogenic greenhouse gases, methane is the next most important. Although the majority of agricultural methane emissions come from ruminants, manure is also a key source of emissions in some production systems, such as dairy and pig farms. In a 2030 or 2050 perspective, there is potential to reduce methane emissions through manure treatment and management, but systems are needed to account for emissions.

Attend the webinar "Methane emissions from manure management - monitoring and mitigation" on 23. February 2023 from 14:00 - 16:00 (CET), where you can hear from leading global experts on the latest trends in livestock production. You will also hear about mitigation opportunities via better management and treatment of manure on livestock farms. In addition, the latest refinements to the IPCC methodology for national inventories will be presented.

M4Models methodology

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about a new method for quantifying methane emissions from manure management. The method estimates emissions from barns and outdoor storage separately. In addition, country- and system-specific models can be defined to investigate mitigation scenarios, which may support policy development. The method has been investigated in the ERA-Net project M4Models - "Manure management for methane mitigation - new models for policy development". At the webinar concepts, applications and perspectives will be discussed.


  • Dr. Anne Mottet, FAO, Rome
    Title: ”Manure management in the global livestock sector: mitigation opportunities and challenges”
  • Prof. Dong Hongmin, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing
    Title: “Methane emissions from manure management in China”
  • Dr. Andrew Vanderzaag, Agriculture & AgriFood Canada, Ottawa
    Title: “Measurements of manure emissions in Canada and considerations for modelling”
  • Prof. Søren O. Pedersen, Aarhus University, Viborg
    P Title: ”In-vitro method and model to estimate methane emissions from liquid manure management”
  • Dr. Paria Siifedpari, Wageningen Livestock Research, Wageningen
    Title: “Methane emission from indoor manure storage: model applications and validation”

Time and place

Thursday 23. February 2023, 14:00 - 16:00 (CET)

Online, Zoom


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Deadline for registration is Monday 20 February at 16:00 (CET).

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