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Want to know more about the food challenges of the future? Join the CiFOOD conference

From 31 January to 1 February 2022, the Aarhus University Centre for Innovative Food Research, CiFOOD, invites you to a digital conference on the challenges of future food systems, with a focus on sustainability, circularity, climate changes, and lifestyle diseases. The conference is free of charge.

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At the beginning of this year, between 300 and 400 participants from all over the world joined the CiFOOD digital conference on the food of the future - and at the beginning of next year, the Centre for Innovative Food Research is ready to repeat the success.

The conference will take place from 31 January to 1 February. 

Again, the conference is open for everyone interested and completely free of charge. The aim is to attract researchers, students, companies and other food enthusiasts - from both Denmark and the rest of the world.

- The enormous societal challenges that the food industry faces must be solved through interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers and industry - and that is the idea behind CiFOOD. The conference will present the latest results, projects, and technologies - with a goal of bringing the research to life, says Professor Milena Corredig, who is the Centre Leader.

The conference consists of four sessions: transition towards sustainable protein sources, food and packaging waste, resilient food production and climate change and non-communicable diseases.

Each session features keynote presentations and flash. This is complemented by discussions and digital poster presentations.

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Norbert Raak, Conference chair, Department of Food Science
norbert@food.au.dk -  +4522119167

Please note: It has earlier been announced that the conference would continue on 2 February in Agro Food Park. However, this part of the event has been cancelled.