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Aarhus University moves its food science research to Aarhus

Aarhus University prioritises greater interaction with companies in the food sector and therefore expects to move the Department of Food Science to the Agro Food Park in Aarhus.

[Translate to English:] Fødevareforskningen på Aarhus Universitet flytter til Skejby. Foto: Lise Balsby

Aarhus University expects to move the Department of Food Science from Foulum and Aarslev to Agro Food Park in Skejby in order strengthen interaction with the food sector. The move reflects the desire to strengthen the research environment within the food sector, while also stepping up the commercial side of activities. The research-based policy support is also expected to be strengthened and students will have even better opportunities for getting involved in food research.


The food research at Aarhus University, which is currently taking place at Aarslev on Funen and at Foulum in Central Jutland, is expected to be moved to the Agro Food Park at Skejby on the outskirts of Aarhus. Here a wide variety of entrepreneurial food enterprises are already becoming established, and the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture is also located here. If things go according to plan, Aarhus University will have consolidated its food activities in Skejby by 2018.


- Food production is a very important industry in Denmark and developments in the sector are strongly linked to research in this area. Therefore, it is extremely important that we exploit the synergies between companies and research. I see great opportunities for increased cooperation with both large and small businesses, says the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Niels Chr. Nielsen.


The idea is to establish office and laboratory facilities for the 110 members of staff at the Agro Food Park as well as greenhouses and other research facilities. Aarhus University is also planning to amalgamate the greenhouse facilities of several departments. In addition to the Department of Food Science, there are greenhouse facilities at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and the Department of Bioscience. This will serve to strengthen research collaboration across disciplines.


- The relationship between the future food research in Skejby and our strong, established research centre in Foulum will become the pivot for food and agricultural research in Denmark. Research Centre Foulum already has international expertise within farm-to-fork food production, sustainable crop production, livestock production with focus on animal welfare, organic production forms and biorefining / bioenergy facilities – the two research centres will therefore complement each other, says Vice-dean Kurt Nielsen.


- We have chosen to present our plans at this juncture because we wish both the commercial sector and our own employees to be aware of our plans, says Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen.


Before the building plans for the Department of Food can come to fruition, the plans will need to be approved by the authorities and the project to be approved by the Aarhus University Board. Assuming the necessary approvals from the authorities go ahead, a final decision can be expected in the course of 2015.



Research and teaching at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University cover the entire chain from farm to fork and the health-promoting properties of foods and food components.


The Department of Food Science has leading expertise and resources and active national and international networks. The Department is therefore able to make significant contributions to the global challenges related to food products, food supply, food waste, sustainable food production under a changing climate and higher incidences of lifestyle diseases. Additional focus areas are food quality, differentiation of food products and new, healthy convenience foods.


Most research is carried out in collaboration with industry and research partners, and there is a strong focus on communication, development, demonstration and implementation of research results for the benefit of industry and society.


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