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PREPSOIL: Strengthening European soil health and awareness

The PREPSOIL project supports the rollout of "A Soil Deal for Europe" across European regions to increase awareness and knowledge about soil among various stakeholders – farmers, the food industry, authorities, NGOs, and consumers. Among other things, Prepsoil examines how to promote sustainable business models for living labs as a tool to engage stakeholders in developing and using methods for sustainable soil use to enhance soil health.

The project will also identify specific needs to ensure soil health in 21 European regions systematically selected across soil types, landscapes, and land use through dialogue among stakeholders. The goal is to provide recommendations for issues and solutions that stakeholders can focus on in living labs, as well as guidelines for a similar systematic assessment of needs to improve the protection of European soils.

Additionally, Prepsoil will contribute knowledge to the future monitoring of soil conditions in relation to the mentioned objectives.

In the effort to raise awareness, disseminate, and communicate knowledge about soil health, PREPSOIL is developing a Knowledge Hub, a multilingual knowledge center that will serve as a kind of "One-Stop-Shop" for existing online resources on soil information targeted at a wide range of stakeholders.

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