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Aarhus University's agricultural research among the world's top ten

Agricultural sciences rank Aarhus University tenth best on the global list of 297 universities.

[Translate to English:] Aarhus Universitet er blandt eliten i jordbrugsforskning. Foto: Lars Kruse

No matter how you look at it, agricultural sciences at Aarhus University are among elite according to the 10th National Taiwan University (NTU) Ranking. Within the subject ”Agricultural Sciences” Aarhus University is number 10 on the list of 297 universities worldwide and in the field "Agriculture" Aarhus University is number 15.    

Agricultural science is thus the research area in which Aarhus University ranks best – and its ranking has steadily progressed upwards year after year. Last year Aarhus University was ranked as number 12 in Agricultural Sciences and 18 in Agriculture.  

Other subjects in which Aarhus University ranks well globally are Environment/Ecology (no. 17) and Plant and Animal Science (no. 58).    

The universities' research achievemens are ranked on the basis of their scientific articles, i.e. productivity, quality and impact.