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DCA's annual report published

The annual report 2014 from DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture is now available.

Danish ministries have a longstanding tradition of working with knowledge institutions. Every year DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture performs more than 150 research-based policy support tasks in accordance with an agreement with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark. DCA also provides scientific advice to the authorities with regard to issues regarding food and agriculture.

The research is not only the basis of advice to the authorities. It also underpins extensive collaboration with the industry. 

You can read much more about this in DCA's annual report for 2014 "Perspective", that has now been published.   

The aim of the publication is to provide those interested in food and agriculture with insight into the past year's activities in DCA's key areas and to make visible the central role that research plays in dealing with societal issues.

The agreement with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is divided into 13 theme areas that range from food quality to animal welfare and the environment. Within each area the annual report presents examples of how collaboration with the industry and organisations leads to development of new products and technology, which in turn leads to growth, development and jobs in the sector. 

The annual report can be downloaded but it is also possible to order printed copies by sending an e-mail to dca@au.dk stating your delivery address and contact person.

Read Perspective

For more information please contact:

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