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Open house in the projects ProtecFruit and Ecoorchard

Participate in open house in the projects ProtecFruit and Ecoorchard and learn about fruit growing with flower strips, natural enemies and strategic irrigation

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Wednesday 17 May 2017,  at 14:00 - 16:30

Focus on flower strips and the effect on natural enemies and pests. Associate professor Lene Sigsgaard from Copenhagen University demonstrates the methods for registration of natural enemies and tells about the effect of flower strips on codling moth and rosy apple aphid.

Experiment with strategic irrigation against apple scab will also be demonstrated. Organic advisor Maren Korsgaard from Organic VKST tells about the advantages and disadvantages by using irrigation to prevent apple scab.


The location is: The organic fruit orchard ‘Lærkehøj’, Kagerupvej 5, 4420 Regstrup. The admission is free. No registration required. 


ProtecFruit is an ”Organic RDD-2-project”. Ecoorchard is an international ”CORE Organic plus project”.