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The 10-million-tonnes plan

Increasing the sustainable production of biomass for biorefineries.

Policy Support

Aarhus University has signed an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment and Food on the provision of policy support to the authorities in 13 research areas. Within each of these areas, the university is obliged to carry out research at a high international standard.


Susanne Elmholt
Senior Researcher
Phone: +45 8715 7685
Email: susanne.elmholt@dca.au.dk

Klaus Horsted
Special Consultant
Phone: +45 8715 7975
Email: klaus.horsted@dca.au.dk


At Aarhus University scientists develop methods that can make it possible to evaluate onion quality during storage. Photo: Colourbox

2016.10.20 | Food

Onions snitch about their ails

Aarhus University carries out research on promoting resource efficiency in all parts of the food chain. This includes a large project in which researchers and the industry are collaborating to prevent discarding several tons of onions annually. The aim is to make onions tell about their diseases before it is too late.

Lars Henrik Jacobsen manages the national collection of vegetatively propagated vegetables. He has experienced a growing interest in the vintage species. Photo: Jesper Rais

2016.10.14 | DCA

Growing interest in vintage varieties

There is a growing interest in old varieties of fruit, vegetables and cereals. This is the experience at both the Nordic Gene Bank (NordGen) and Aarhus University’s horticultural research site in Aarslev who administer the national collection of vegetatively-propagated vegetables.

Using the straw for biorefining contributes to the sustainability of cereal cropping. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.10.14 | Agro

Which cropping system is best for the environment?

Early sown winter wheat, where the straw is removed every second year and used in biorefining, is the best of six different cereal cropping systems with regard to total environmental impact.


Tue 01 Nov
10:00-15:00 | AU Foulum
PhD defence: Data-driven models for finding climate effects on crop production
Behzad Sharif from the Department of Agroecology will defend his PhD Tuesday 1 November in the auditorium at AU Foulum.
Mon 07 Nov
13:00-18:00 | AU Foulum
PhD defence: Does antibiotics reduce the health benefits associated with whole grain intake? Studies on lignan absorption and metabolism
Anne Katrine Bolvig Sørensen from the Department of Animal Science will defend her PhD Monday 7 Novemberin meeting room 2 at AU Foulum.
Mon 21 Nov
08:30-16:00 | Auditorium AU Foulum
Seminar and PhD defense: Genomics in farm animals
On November 21 Xiaowei Mao will defend his Ph.D. thesis: “Population level genome-wide association studies in dairy cattle”. On the same day Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) will host a series of seminars.
Wed 02 Aug
08:00-16:00 | Aarhus
Food & Ingredients Summer School
Are you interested in gaining an insight into the latest challenges and solutions related to food and do you want to strengthen your international network? In close collaboration with representatives from both small and large food companies in Denmark, Aarhus University offers a summer course with focus on food.