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International collaboration


DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture strongly focuses on cooperation, expert advice and research-based public-sector consultancy at an international level and is represented in various correlations.

Via its centre unit, DCA is in charge of a number of tasks in relation to international research and policy support. On behalf of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, DCA attends to responsibilities in:

  • the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Sustainability and Productivity (EIP-AGRI)
  • the Collaborative Working Group of Sustainable Animal Production
  • NordGen Council for Farm Animal Genetic Resources 
  • and Animal Task Force. 

Via its engagement in several ERA-nets, DCA participates in a series of European research programmes - among others a number of European Research Area Networks (ERA-NET), including FACCE SURPLUSSusCrop and ERA-NET SusAn, as well as the European Joint Programme (EJP), including EJP Soil. Besides, Aarhus University is a core partner in the EIT Food programme.

The centre also supports collaboration in major applications to European research programmes, primarily Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

International funding ensures increased research activities and allows DCA to provide research-based policy support at the highest possible international level.