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Recipes for healthy wholegrain foods

A research project at Aarhus University with focus on wholegrain has culminated in the production of a cook book that gives inspiring recipes for cooking with wholegrain that is packed with health-promoting substances.

2016.01.08 | Janne Hansen

Let research into your kitchen and bake megahealthy bread and buns using wholegrain. A new cook book “Whole grains” shows you how. Photo: Colourbox

When thinking of cakes, pancakes and rice pudding, you are probably not thinking of foods at the healthier end of the scale. A new cook book that focuses on whole grains is turning this conception on its head. The cookbook is one of the outcomes of the ‘Bread and Breakfast’ research project led by Aarhus University.


The cook book is filled with recipes that provide inspiration for using different types of whole grain and can give a healthy slant to mouth-watering delicacies. Recipes such as a rye bread baps with chocolate and a rye bread gateau will tempt the sweet tooth, while recipes such as rye bread with root vegetables and kamut fish cakes are healthy options for lunch or dinner.


All the recipes are for wholegrain treats that in addition to tasting good have some unique characteristics. The possible health benefits of the wholegrain go beyond the well-known vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins. The secret lies in the benzoxazinoid content – or BX for short.


Food with the BX factor

- We have found that mature kernels of rye, wheat and maize contain secondary substances or metabolites that belong to the group of compounds called benzoxazinoids (BX). A diet rich in BX stimulated cells from the immune systems of volunteers to react more strongly to some types of bacteria. The BX compounds may therefore help the body fight an infection caused by these bacteria, explains head of the project, Associate Professor Inge S. Fomsgaard from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University.


The objective of the project was to look at the healthy substances contained in wholegrain. The scientists have published the first important evidence about the effects of the health-promoting BX compounds and that they are bioactive components of wholegrain products. Another objective of the project was to devise ways of utilising the BX health factor of wholegrain.


The cook book, which also includes a section on the history of grain, has several suggestions for how to utilise the wholegrain BX factor. The author of the cook book, Anemette Olesen, has also taught wholegrain cooking to schoolchildren and adults.


The cookbook 'Whole grains' is written by Anemette Olesen and financed by Innovation fund Denmark and Lantmännen in connection with the Bread and Breakfast project. The book is available in Danish, Swedish and English and can be purchased here.


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For further information please contact: Associate Professor Inge S. Fomsgaard, Department of Agroecology, e-mail: inge.fomsgaard@agro.au.dk, telephone: +45 8715 8212, mobile: +45 2228 3399