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Scientist from Aarhus University was the viewers’ winner of Væxtfaktor

Ole Green from Aarhus University was awarded an impressive second place in the Væxtfaktor competition organised by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and the magazine Monday Morning and received the largest number of viewer votes.

2012.06.28 | Søren Tobberup Hansen

The day after the final of Væxtfaktor, Ole Green was the centre of a reception at the Agro Business Park, where he was congratulated on his achievements in the TV programme. Photo: Janne Hansen

He came so very close did Ole Green and his company Webstech when the winner was picked in the DR and Monday Morning Væxtfaktor programme. Ole Green came a splendid second place behind the winner Daintel, a company that has developed an electronic health-records system for hospitals. However, Ole Green can be very pleased that he was the preferred winner of the viewers who cast their votes ahead of the programme, which was shown on DR on 20th June.


Ole Green was composed after the programme but disappointed that he could not take the first prize back with him to Aarhus University.


- I am pretty vexed at the result. I am a competitive person who really sets out to win. That is what I had hoped for, but that being said we have gained so much by taking part in the programme. I could never have dreamt of receiving so much attention for my business and our products, says Ole Green.


Ole Green's path to the finals of the competition started in 2009 with the development of small electronic globes that on the basis of wireless technology and sensors are able to monitor the storage environment from inside grain, seed and silage stores. The agricultural industry loses large sums of money each year due to the spoiling of grain from imperfect storage conditions, but the little sensors are in a position to detect this and to warn the farmer who can then act quickly.


In the television programme, the participating judges?? were impressed by Ole Green's invention. In the semi-final, Ole Green's mentor and former director of Irma, Alfred Josefsen, had the following words to say about ??the wireless sensors and the potential of Webstech:


- Ole’s business is innovative, it is high-tech, it is research-based. There is a direct link from research to commerce. It has an insanely large global? potential.?


Despite the final defeat, the future looks extremely bright for Webstech, but it will not necessarily be with Ole Green at the end of the table since he is first and foremost an inventor.


- I must prepare a growth strategy for the company and attach the right resources to ensure its success. I have also realized that I am better at developing products than managing a business. They are two very different disciplines, claims the inventor from Aarhus University.


The latter is underlined by the Ole Green just having won the first prize in the Agro Business Park innovation competition for his development of an intelligent scarecrow that can scare the wildlife away from fields.


Further information: Ole Green, Department of Engineering, mobile: +45 5185 4406, email: ole.green@agrsci.dk.

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