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2020.06.19 | Research

Can nitrification inhibitors reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen leaching?

A one-year lysimeter study at the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University found that the nitrification inhibitor DMPP significantly reduced nitrous oxide emissions from manure applied to maize on a sandy soil.

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2020.06.18 | Research

Row-injected cattle slurry is a promising fertiliser strategy for silage maize

According to researchers from Aarhus University, row-injected cattle slurry has the potential to replace mineral phosphorus starter fertilisers in silage maize production. This can reduce the phosphorus surplus while maintaining the crop yields.

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2020.07.07 | Food

We underestimate our own consumption of candy and chips

We are well aware that our own consumption of candy and chips is too high - but still, each of us believe that our consumption is lower than that of other consumers, according to a new study by the MAPP Centre and Department of Food Science, Aarhus University. The study focuses on the development in portion sizes for candy and chips in Denmark.

Dean at Tech, Eskild Holm Nielsen is proposing a new organisation, with four new departments, to consolidate and strengthen the engineering area at AU around core disciplines and to raise engineering to the highest international level. Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU.

2020.06.15 | DCA

New organisation to strengthen engineering at Aarhus University

The dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences is proposing a new organisation, with four new departments, to consolidate and strengthen the engineering area at AU around core disciplines and to raise engineering to the highest international level. The consultation process for the new organisation will commence before the summer holidays.

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2020.06.09 | DCA

Participate in an open webinar about circular bioeconomy

On 1 July 2020, Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO) will be hosting a webinar with presentations of the newest research. The webinar is open to anyone interested.

Photo: Olden Kombucha

2020.06.09 | Food

Kombucha startup receives support from Future Food & Bioresource Innovation

The Food eHub at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, has helped a local start-up company to secure funding from Future Food & Bioresource Innovation. The funding will support the development of the product Olden Kombucha, a fermented drink made with tea, in cooperation with the Aarhus University School of Engineering and the company…

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2020.06.02 | DCA

How do consumers respond to sustainable packaging?

Aarhus University focuses on developing sustainable packaging solutions for food. In a new research project, the MAPP Centre will be involved in investigating how consumers respond to sustainable packaging.

A feeding experiment with piglets at AU Foulum is testing the digestibility of the Unibio protein. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU.

2020.07.21 | Anis

A new environmentally friendly source of protein for pigs is being tested at AU Foulum

At present, researchers at Aarhus University are testing a new environmentally friendly source of protein, Uniprotein, in a feeding experiment with pigs. Uniprotein is a source of protein made of bacteria able to grow on methane as substrate. A future use of this type of protein will, among others, be able to reduce the carbon footprint for the…

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2020.06.04 | Awards

PhD award for predicting functional properties in soil layers

Cecilie Hermansen from the Department of Agroecology has been awarded Aarhus University Research Foundation's PhD Award 2020. The prize will be awarded 4 June.

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2020.06.09 | Research

Is it faster to degrade than to restore soil physical properties?

Researchers from Aarhus University are using a long-term field experiment to investigate what happens to the soil physical properties when the fields are converted from arable or bare fallow management to grassland or vice versa to find out if and how quickly a restoration or degradation of the soil organic carbon content, structural stability,…

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