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2020.10.30 | PhD defense

From plant helper to insect killer – the elusive lifestyle of insect pathogenic fungi

During his PhD studies, Rasmus Emil Jensen researched insect pathogenic fungi living inside plants as endophytes. Endophytism is a term originally used to describe seemingly symptomless microorganisms living inside plants but today we know that endophytes play an important role in plant defense and growth. Rasmus Emil Jensen studied how endophytic…

Photo: Fluxchambers. By Søren O. Petersen.

2020.10.29 | Research

International alliance of researchers makes recommendations for monitoring of nitrous oxide emissions

The Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University has been represented in an international group of researchers preparing guidelines for measuring nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases from agricultural soil using flux chambers. With support from the New Zealand Government and the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, the…

It is essential for the project that the researchers get in touch with women, whom they can follow both when they are pregnant, breastfeeding and for some years to come. Photo: Colourbox

2020.11.11 | Food

Pregnant women can help improve the breast milk substitute of the future

In the project MaInHealth, researchers from the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University investigate how breast milk is composed and how the mother’s lifestyle affects it. In the long term, this may become important for future designs of breast milk substitute. The researchers are looking for pregnant women who will participate in the…

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2020.10.28 | DCA

Seminar on technology for green biorefining

Biorefining of grass and clover grass allows for a sustainable production of plant protein, which can replace imported soy products. At an online seminar on 3 December, Aarhus University presents research aimed at companies that want to work with green biorefining.

Photo: Lars Kruse

2020.10.28 | DCA

Biorefining can become an important part of a Green Deal for Europe

Green biorefining can contribute to both rural growth, a more sustainable agriculture and European self-sufficiency with plant protein. The perspective for the common agricultural policy is in focus at a webinar held in collaboration with the European Parliament.

A new textbook focuses on a wide range of challenges related to management of suckling and weaned piglets.

2020.11.02 | Anis

AU researchers have contributed to a new international textbook focusing on two big challenges in pig production: the suckling piglet and the weaned piglet

Two researchers from Aarhus University have contributed with chapters in the new textbook The suckling and weaned piglet. Leading, international researchers within the area have written the book, which gathers the most recent research-based biological knowledge on possibilities and challenges related to management of the suckling and weaned piglet.

The research of Mario M. Martinez focuses on the structure, hydrodynamics and interactions of carbohydrate polymers and their structural modification through process-intensifying technologies. Mario M. Martinez during a trial using a pilot scale twin-screw extruder at the Buhler Food Application Center in Minneapolis, USA. Photo:  Eugene Dust.

2020.10.27 | Food

AU FOOD researcher receives Young Scientist Research Award

Mario M. Martinez from the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, receives the prestigious Young Scientist Research Award from the Cereals & Grains Association for his outstanding work on food carbohydrate polymers that can be used for creating healthy and sustainable solutions.

Photo: Biogas plant in Foulum, Denmark. 
Photographer: Jepser Rais

2020.10.22 | Research

Sulphur from biogas purification is valuable plant nutrient

Efficiently recovered sulphur (S) from the biogas desulfurization process can be reused as a valuable source of plant-available sulphur in agriculture, shows new research from the Department of Agroecology.

2020.10.21 | Anis

PhD defence: Dietary fiber and protein: Changes in degradation, fermentation pattern and metabolic response

Yetong Xu will have her PhD defence Wednesday 28 October 2020. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to charlotte.steffensen@anis.au.dk

AU FOOD is the initiator of a new network that will accelerate the development of sustainable, Nordic cultured meat based on local ingredients. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.10.20 | Food

AU FOOD accelerates the development of cultured meat within the framework of a new Nordic network

AU FOOD has initiatiated a new network that will accelerate the development of alternative meat based on sustainable, Nordic ingredients and thus take on the competition with the foreign producers. Recently, the network held its first meeting and workshop with participants from all over the Nordic region.

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