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It seems that flowers can supply bees with substances that improve the bees' ability to withstand disease. Stock photo

2016.03.29 | DCA

Help to honeybees from nature’s pharmacy

The flowers that honeybees visit can supply the bees with more than just food. It seems that the flowers are also capable of providing the busy insects with substances that help the bees to withstand disease.

The Danish method for analysing soil phosphorus needs improvement. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.03.15 | Agro

Soil phosphorus tests need to be improved

Scientists from Aarhus University have investigated one of the most common methods for analysing soil phosphorus in agricultural soils and recommend much-needed improvements.

Photo: Colourbox

2016.03.16 | DCA

EUFRUIT thematic network kick-off in Brussels

Michelle Williams from the Department of Food Science is coordinator of a new multi-layered project to unleash, stimulate and use European research potential for exploiting new opportunities in the fresh produce category.

A certain gene variant has a major influence on the composition of the gut flora in the pig. This can impact the need for using antibiotics. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.03.16 | Pigs

Can we use genetic variations to reduce the use of antibiotics?

Selection for pigs with genes for healthy intestinal flora may be able to reduce agriculture’s use of antibiotics and thus reduce the problems of antibiotic resistance. New knowledge paves the way for this opportunity.

A mix of stevia, lime and fibre can make juice healthy and tasty. Photo: Colourbox

2016.03.18 | Food

Sweet, tasty and healthy – the new essence of juice?

Lime, fibre and stevia provide a cocktail of ingredients that can be added to fruit juice to increase its nutritional value and promote the sensory experience of the juice.

A new project partnership aims to develop new and healthy protein ingredients based on the potato protein. Photo: Colourbox

2016.05.10 | DCA

Potatoes – a sustainable alternative to animal protein?

Many food products contain animal protein from eggs or milk, but new research will enable these potentiallty to be substituted by high quality protein extracted from potato. Hereby we can use this root vegetable far better and meets the strong demand for protein.

Tommy Dalgaard has been appointed as professor and will give his inaugural lecture on 15 April 2016.

2016.03.04 | Agro

New sustainability professor

Tommy Dalgaard from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University has been appointed professor of agriculture and sustainable resource management.

There is a relation between the use of antibiotics and the appearance of genes for antibiotic resistance in the environment. Photo: Janne Hansen 

. Foto: Janne Hansen

2016.03.04 | Agro

Antibiotics use affects the abundance of resistant bacteria in soil

The use of animal manure increases the soil content of antibiotic-resistant genes. However, this is not an irreversible situation.