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Green manure has been used for several hundred years and is an excellent method of building up soil fertility and recirculating nutrients. Photo: Jørn Nygaard Sørensen

2016.08.19 | DCA

Organic farmers to grow and harvest the manure of the future

In the long term the Danish organic agricultural organizations want to phase out the use of conventional animal manure in organic production. Recent research from Aarhus University shows that it may be profitable for organic farmers to replace animal manure by so-called mobile green manure and still achieve the same effect.

Researchers from the Department of Agroecology are participating in a European project that will help control potato blight. Photo: Geert Kessel

2016.06.22 | Agro

Expanding the fight against potato blight

The pathogen causing potato blight is highly variable and evolves quickly, making it a serious challenge to control. Aarhus University is participating in a new international project that will tackle the problem by analysing potato blight’s genotypic and phenotypic variations and evolution, while designing better decision support systems.

Developing alternatives methods to control pollen beetles in oilseed rape can pave the way for a drastically reduced use of insecticides. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.06.20 | Agro

Drastic reduction of insecticide use against pollen beetles is possible

Arhus University is involved in a new European project that aims to develop alternatives to pesticides for the control of pollen beetles in oilseed rape, thus paving the way for a drastically reduced use of insecticides.

Food waste is of increasing importance to the Danes. Photo: Nina Hermansen

2016.07.04 | DCA

Improved knowledge of shelf life of food

We should avoid food waste but, on the other hand, not risk food poisoning from eating food that is way past its sell-by date. Scientists from Aarhus University have examined how well the Danes know the different types of shelf life labels.