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How can you take nature, farming and politics into consideration at the same time? A prize-winning agricultural game sets focus on this quandary. Photo: Fremtidens Landbrug

2015.02.03 | DCA

Computer game on farming issues wins European prize

Researchers from Aarhus University have helped to develop the computer game "Future of Farming", which has just won the European Commission CAP Communication Prize for best communication of agricultural policy issues in 2014.

Scientists are optimising the logistics involved in harvesting. Archive photo

2015.03.09 | DCA

Scientists are developing an intelligent tool for optimising harvest operations

Intelligent logistical tools can optimise farming operations by coordinating the various field operations and related machinery in the most optimal way.

Researchers from Aarhus University will develop dairy cattle breeds that are specially suited to organic production. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.26 | DCA

Breeding for organic dairy production

A new project is set to benefit organic dairy production, partly by developing breeds of cows that are better suited to organic production and partly by creating niche dairy products based on knowledge of the cows' breeding characteristics.

A new project will optimise the amount of plant nitorgen in organic farming. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.21 | DCA

Ensuring sufficient nitrogen in organic farming

One of the major challenges in organic farming is maintaining a positive balance in the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants, but it is removed from the soil whenever crops are harvested. It can therefore be difficult to maintain a sufficiently high level of accessible nitrogen in the soil without using artificial…

Associate Professor Henrik Brinch-Pedersen has been awarded a grant of DKK 12.3 million by the Innovation Fund Denmark to develop natural food colouring. Photo: Charlotte Hamann Knudsen

2015.01.21 | DCA

Developing natural food colouring

A number of synthetic food colours have been shown to have undesirable side effects, especially in children. Associate Professor Henrik Brinch-Pedersen has been awarded a grant of DKK 12.3 million by the Innovation Fund Denmark to extract dye from black carrots.

The Innovation Fund has granted millions of Danish kroner to research in agrifood at Aarhus University. Photo: Colourbox

2015.01.19 | DCA

Research in agriculture and food at Aarhus University gets multimillion kroner boost

Innovation Fund has granted 79.5 million Danish kroner to research projects and industrial postdoc projects in food and agriculture at Aarhus University.

Food can be enriched with vitamin D to help promote people's health. Photo: Colourbox

2015.01.19 | DCA

Milk proteins to become a source of vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a massive problem in the winter at our latitude. Even with a balanced diet it is difficult to fully cover your vitamin D requirement. With a backing of 13 million Danish kroner from Innovation Fund Denmark, a new project – DFORT – will endeavour to improve the uptake of vitamin D from fortified foods by building the vitamin…

Scientists use pigs as models for humans to develop healthy foods that can prevent lifestyle diseases. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.21 | DCA

Pigs as models to help prevent obesity problems

With the aid of a grant to the tune of 17.5 million DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark, scientists will be developing healthy foods that can prevent obesity-related diseases and promote public health. Pigs will be used for parts of the project as models for humans.

Researchers will elucidate the health-promoting effects of fibre and bacteria to help prevent problems connected to obesity and lifestyle diseases. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.19 | DCA

Health benefits of fibre and bacteria in food

A new joint project between Aarhus University and DuPont Nutrition & Health will lead to a better understanding of the effect of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic dietary fibre in humans.

In collaboration with the industry scientists from Aarhus University are developing new varieties of wheat that are both high-yielding and resistant against several fungal diseases. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.14 | DCA

New cereal varieties need less pesticide

Scientists from Aarhus University and commercial breeders and leading foreign research institutions will in partnership develop new varieties of wheat that are resistant to a number of devastating fungal diseases. The project has been granted 17 million Danish kroner from Innovation Fund Denmark.

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