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Aarhus University is thrilled that Apple will be building its new mega data centre next door to AU Foulum. Archive photo

2015.02.24 | DCA

Aarhus University welcomes Apple as close neighbour to its Foulum research centre

The computer giant Apple’s future mega data centre at AU Foulum will bring new opportunities for cooperation with Aarhus University on the development and supply of sustainable energy and on research in computer science.

Danish agriculture has become better at using resources efficiently. An example is that the area used to produce one pork has been reduced by 1.2 m2. Photo: Jesper Rais

2015.02.24 | DCA

New model has the measure of agricultural efficiency in Denmark

Scientists from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University have drawn up a robust model that can put actual figures on the efficiency of our agricultural production and use of resources. The model uses readily-accessible data.

Add some sugar to the slurry if you would like it to be more acidic. New research from Maibritt Hjorth and her colleagues shows that sugar can replace sulphuric acid as a means of reducing ammonia emissions. Photo: Peter F. Gammelby

2015.02.19 | DCA

Sugar in your slurry, anyone?

Agriculture can probably halve emissions of harmful ammonia by adding sugar to the slurry. New research from Aarhus University suggests that sugar can replace sulphuric acid as a method of reducing ammonia emissions - to the benefit of organic farming and biogas production.

Prize-winning chefs create artful food that appeals to several senses. This salad was inspired by a Kandinsky painting. Photo: Crossmodal Research Laboratory

2015.02.10 | DCA

Unveiling the secrets of our food habits

You are what you eat – but why do you eat what you eat and buy certain food products instead of others? What affects your enjoyment of the meal? These questions were dealt with by three professors at an interdisciplinary workshop held by the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. The workshop included an inaugural lecture by Affiliated…

Aarhus University is helping to strengthen research in countries including Ghana via Danida’s Building Stronger Universities programme. Photo: University of Ghana

2015.02.27 | DCA

Aarhus University actively contributes to capacity building in developing countries

Researchers at a number of Aarhus University’s faculties and departments are helping to strengthen research in selected developing countries via Danida’s Building Stronger Universities programme. Science and Technology is involved in some of the main topics, including climate adaptation, bio-based energy and food production.