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2014.09.26 | DCA

DCA publishes its first annual report

"Perspective" is the name of the new annual report published by DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture.

Knowledge about genomic selection can be transferred from animals to plants. Photo: Colourbox

2014.09.26 | DCA

Modern genetechnology helps ensure the food supply of the future

Genomic selection has revolutionised livestock breeding in Denmark. Now scientists from AU are on the brink of being able to apply detailed analyses of the genome to plant breeding. This is an important step towards ensuring a sustainable food supply for the eight billion people who will inhabit the planet in the future.

Development of a new protein feed can reduce Denmark's soyabean imports. Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.09.30 | DCA

Is meat the new sink for greenhouse gas?

The greenhouse gas methane can be turned into pork instead of contributing to global warming. Scientists and the industry are collaborating on the production of an innovative and climate-friendly protein feed for pigs.

The SimHerd model was developed in a research environment. Today it's an important tool for managing dairy farms. Photo: Jesper Rais

2014.10.28 | DCA

Research model is a commercial farming success

SimHerd was started as a regular animal science research model at Aarhus University. But in 2010 the limited company SimHerd A/S was founded and four years on the model is so successful that a new shareholder has bought a majority stake in the company.