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Wheat production will be greatly affected by climate change Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.07 | DCA

Rising temperatures are a bomb under wheat production

Wheat production will be greatly affected by climate change. New research estimates that global wheat production will decline by six percent for each one-degree rise in temperature. One of the solutions is to develop more heat-tolerant varieties.

A new calculation tool makes it easier to optimise the use of biomass. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.01.03 | DCA

More bioenergy for your money

A new calculation tool developed by Aarhus University, the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture and Agro Business Park can help improve the use of biomass at a reasonable cost and biomass quality and with minimal environmental impact and energy loss.

Senior researcher Tommy Dalgaard from the Department of Agroecology is chairman of the UN task force regarding nitrogen.

2014.12.11 | DCA

Aarhus University scientist to lead UN task force

Senior researcher Tommy Dalgaard from Aarhus University will in the coming years be leading a UN task force on the sustainable use of nitrogen.

Interaction with a dog can be beneficial for elderly and demented people. Photo: Colourbox

2014.12.11 | DCA

Man’s best friend to visit nursing home residents

Behavioural scientists from Aarhus University have previously shown that a visit from a dog can have a positive effect on the elderly and people with dementia. Now the scientists are taking it a step further to examine how different types of interaction with dogs can affect the elderly and demented.

Researchers are developing a prototype of a robot in collaboration with the company Kongskilde. Photo: Kongskilde

2014.12.13 | DCA

Robots invade farmland

An increasing number of farming operations in the field are taken over by robots because many agricultural implements have become so automatic that they can do the job on their own. However, the farmer is not yet completely superfluous since the robots need to be monitored and guided.

It is important to use the right spraying technique in order to reduce the amount of drift. Photo: Peter Kryger Jensen

2014.12.13 | DCA

Optimisation of spraying technique has many benefits

You have to choose the right spraying technique to get the best biological effect of the treatment and to minimise losses of pesticides to the environment.