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Why do so many plants wilt shortly after they have left the protected environment of the greenhouse? Scientists have investigated the problem. Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.04.28 | DCA

To wilt or not to wilt?

The growth hormone abscisic acid affects the ability of plants to control water loss through their leaves as well as their ability to recuperate after drought conditions. Early growth conditions are crucial to long term abscisic acid levels.

Researchers will contribute to the growth of the organic broiler production through a re-evaluation of production systems. Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.05.27 | DCA

Chickens foraging in the woods

Organic chickens should forage in the woods, should increase their intake of plants and insects from attractive outdoor areas and should be revitalised with new breeds that exhibit a more natural foraging behaviour. These are some of the initiatives that will contribute to a more diverse, reliable and robust organic broiler production and which…

By-products from the production of bioenergy can be used in the feed ration for dairy cows – the conclusion of a report from DCA, which reviews the various products and their impact on feed intake, milk yield and flavour.

2014.05.06 | Research

By-products from the generation of bioenergy have potential as cattle feed

Dairy cows can utilise by-products from the growing bioenergy production. This is the conclusion of a report from DCA that has gathered available knowledge and experience in the area of using these by-products as a feed component for dairy cows.

Wireless sensors developed by the company Webstech have been tested by the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. In the report the sensors are described as a good alternative to conventional systems with stationary sensors in the store. Photo: Webstech

2014.05.01 | Research

Positive results of using wireless sensors to monitor grain stores

Wireless sensors are a good and reliable technology for monitoring grain stores according to a technical report from Aarhus University, which is based on a test of the sensors that have come onto the market in recent years.

H.R.H. Princess Benedikte is the patron of the international equitation science congress ISES 2014 to be held in Copenhagen. Photo: Christina Hauschildt

2014.04.19 | DCA

Horse conference gets royal patron

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is the patron for the conference of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES 2014) held in Denmark this year and organised by scientists from Aarhus University.

Julia Gajo is the first student at Aarhus University to complete a double degree in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems (EUR-Organic). Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.04.02 | DCA

Master’s degree from two different countries

The relatively new EUR-Organic degree programme enables students to take a Master’s degree at two different universities in Europe. The first Aarhus University student to take the degree has just graduated.