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The content of potatoes can be determined by connecting them to an electric current. Photo: Newtec A/S

2013.06.26 | Research

Potatoes charged to reveal their content

Scientists are running electric currents through potatoes to reveal tuber contents and distribution of, among other things, water, starch and sugar. This means the production can much more quickly be adjusted to the most suitable end use for the potatoes.

Aarhus University Department of Food Science advertises two professorships with a mid-July deadline for applications. Photo: AU

2013.06.28 | Administrative conditions

Department at Aarhus University is advertising two new professorships

Department of Food Science is aiming to strengthen its research profile through the creation of two new professorships.

Trine Kastrup Dalsgaard (above) and Mette Krogh Larsen (below) have become associate professors in the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. Photos: Janne Hansen

2013.08.01 | Research

Two new associate professors in Department of Food Science

The Department of Food Science strengthens its workforce and its position in the research landscape with the appointment of two associate professors.

2013.07.01 | Research

Drone spots game in the field

The number of animals killed by machinery on agricultural land is going to be reduced with the use of drones, cameras and algorithms. Scientists at Aarhus University are behind a project that has great potential for both animal and farmer.