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Scientists at Aarhus University have received just over DKK 13 million for research in dairy and cattle farming.

2013.03.15 | Grant

Foundation donates 13 million Danish kroner to dairy and cattle research

Agrifood research at Aarhus University has benefited from the donation of millions of kroner for new and ongoing research projects to generate knowledge for the benefit of dairies and cattle farming.

Scientists at Aarhus University have developed a method which they have used to produce a unique type of barley containing only the healthy form of carbohydrate. Photo: Janne Hansen, AU

2013.02.04 | Research

Gene switch-off produces healthier carbohydrates

For the first time ever scientists have succeeded in producing a crop containing only healthy carbohydrates. Easily digestible starch, which is the lesser healthy version of carbohydrates, was avoided by switching off specific genes in barley.