Collaboration with scientists

There is no doubt that knowledge is the competitive parameter of the future. Knowledge creates growth and thus it is of vital importance that your company is at the forefront of development and applies the most recent knowledge in connection with development activities.

By collaborating with our scientists your company will be able to create an even higher value increment than your competitors. This has been proved by e.g. a study accomplished by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, the conclusion of which emphasizes that research collaboration yields a direct profit on the bottom line as well as an increased productivity per employee.

Specifically, research collaboration will provide your company with access to the most recent knowledge within the area, access to our special research facilities and possibility of developing knowledge and innovative solutions in collaboration with our leading scientists

Your company may use this knowledge in connection with product development, production processes, marketing or sales and thus strengthen competitiveness and value increment.

As regards financing several different collaboration and financing models exist which makes it possible to establish collaboration with us.


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